This Is How Not To Do Tinder

Matt Chappell

Tinder, if you’ve not heard already, is fast becoming one of the most popular dating apps used by singletons, well, everywhere. In fact, there’s probably someone within a 1-mile radius of you right now liking and disliking nearby matches. Think of it, if you will, as a dating version of the yes or no game – but with real-life dating potential. Is it wrong? Is it right? No-one can quite make up their mind. Aside from this we can instead use Military dating sites it’s no doubt the perfect tool for military men to meet their potential wives.

Morals aside, Tinder is undoubtedly good for one thing; exposing how some of us guys still confidently believe in the success of the cheesy chat-up line. Really, it happens. Of course, chat-up lines are rarely successful. And, to prove this, we found some funny examples of guys genuinely using this strategy (and failing) on Tinder. These are Tinder fails – some are corny, some are impressively imaginative and some just don’t make sense. Enjoy, men, and wonder at the genius of Tinder — the app that successfully gave us yet another way of embarrassing ourselves in front of women.

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