We cannot avoid the fact that this world is complicated, especially when dealing with love. A lot of men are desperate to search for their one perfect girl but have troubles on how to handle this problem. They thought that a way to the woman’s heart is through good looks, chiseled abs and a luxurious lifestyle – which is basically a bluff.

Women are saying this because that is what our society had seen. Those expensive cars, a high caliber mansion and a bodybuilding figure are clichés with regards to our society. But what women really want to a man is far more different, something heart whelming that could satisfy their desires.

The Girlfriend Activation System is a way to activate those pheromones in you for getting the girl of your dreams. This has easy steps on how to achieve the “perfect 10” that every woman is searching to a man. Don’t worry if you are an ugly, fat, bald or dork for GFAS could serve as an aid to enhance your self-confidence and highlight your good features in front of the women you are aiming.

The GFAS has step by step methods when dealing with women (GFAS: Science in Courtship). Last 2014, GFAS has been redone to the Girlfriend Activation System V2 which has already 23 steps and bonus tips! To give you idea about its work, here are the 23 ways and bonus sections that GFAS V2 could teach you.

Our Introduction

The author, Christian H. introduces himself, shares his dating experiences and gives you an overview about the Girlfriend Activation System.

Masculine power

Christian gives the explanation about “literotica” or “women obsession” as he starts to demonstrate the attributes of an “obsession-worthy” man.

It is a continuation of how to show the traits of a man for a girl to get obsess with him. This includes the 6 elements of masculine power for you to apply to the woman your interacting with.

Q&A with Alex

A question and answer portion with a girl named Alex. She comes from the audience and helps Christian to demonstrate his techniques for you to have insights on what she feels.

Nick Sparks on Sexuality

This coaching legend explains about sexuality and how an obsession worthy man gets the girl separated through the friend zoned state.

Jason on Being a Challenge

Jason Capital demonstrates on how to challenge a woman to make her take interest and intrigued to spark attraction.

Alex on Being Genuine

Alex Allman explains and presents the ways on how to let down your guard without giving away your power.

David on Dominance

Importance of dominance and obsession of woman over a man was discussed by David Wygant.

Boyfriend Material

Christian explains the 7 things what women want and the need to be a good boyfriend to keep your girl.


Christian answers the audience’s questions.

The Obsession Story

Overview of the three essential layers of the dating game (the obsession story, investment and checkpoints).

Introduction to Day 2
Christian gives a recap about the Day 1 and an on overview on the next discussion.

He explains the ways of approaching a woman and the importance of standing out.

King Game
He reveals how women are attracted towards men of high values and status. He also discusses the ways on how to be “king” in any social situation and a unique approach in order for the woman to get to approach you.

Nick on Impression
Nick Sparks offers his own tips and insights on approaching women and impressing them.

What to Say
Christian discusses about how to talk to women.

Resetting Impression
This has best techniques on how to reset your impression to her in a whole new way, especially if she has previously “friend zoned” you.

This is the phase 2 of the obsession story.

The First Date
All about first dates and ways of eliminating her fear and anxiety to have an experience she’ll totally love.

The Social Date
How to use a social date with a bunch of friends for a girl to be more interested with you.

The Sex Date
Step by step blueprint on how to escalate the date in heat and for you to be sleeping next to her.

Final phase of obsession story and Christian explains the do’s and dont’s after the two of you have become official with each other.

Christian wraps it up by explaining on how to get a girlfriend by means of Girlfriend Activation System.

Here are the GFAS bonuses programs:

  • The Breathtaking Hello – Teaches you how to approach any girl you want without rejection.
  • Sexual Texting – This is a complete “black book” for activating the naughty side of her over text and for sending dirty texts that will turn her on without offending.
  • Complete Confidence Hypnosis – This is a short, relaxing audio MP3 that helps you improve confidence.
  • Endless Conversations – This step-by-step method taught on how to talk to women and have enchanting, flirtatious conversations so you never need to worry about running out of things to say ever again.
  • Trial Access to “The Ten Code” – This teaches you how to be in the top 10% of guys by revealing how men who are “10’s” in all aspects of their lives.