Science has grown so much in our society that it’s so hard to think of a world today without it. Remember how science and knowledge have always been associated with the brain while love and romance are traditionally assigned the heart in metaphors and poetry.

What if though, I was to tell you that the brain and heart can go hand-in-hand for the betterment of us all?

Although philosophers and poets try to ascribe emotions as little flirtations of humankind with the baser and unfathomable corners of the soul, the truth of the matter is that we are creatures of habit and repetition, prone to suggestion and bias.

For some of us romance just doesn’t come naturally and we unnecessarily languish at the thought that we’re just not ‘lucky’ or haven’t found the right someone yet. Let me tell you that, that sort of thinking is a defeatist attitude that usually crops up from a distinct lack of understanding of both your own sexuality and that of women.

This is what the Girlfriend Activation System (buy girlfriend activation system) aims to remedy. The romanticizing of courtship (pun intended) has no place in the world for some of us as it’s too capricious and too random to be an operable part of human interaction.

The Girlfriend Activation System is precisely what one needs if one knows that self-introspection and a planned course of action are preferable over misty-eyed idealism and fatalistic ambivalence.

v1 of the System

The first version of the Girlfriend Activation System is a set of multimedia such as PDFs, audio files and such that initially focuses on how man enrolled in the program can improve himself through reforming undesirable habits and ridding himself of inhibiting thoughts and anxieties. The early phase of the program concentrates on teaching a man the traits that women find most attractive for a long-term partner and not just a sexual liaison.

Moving on to the later parts of the first version, one is then subject to the myriad of traits and habits that women find appealing and are what they look for when selecting a life-long partner. One is instructed in the use of these habits and traits so as to maximize one’s chances at a long and happy relationship with one’s chosen lover.

Then there is the second version of the Girlfriend Activation System which takes the person enrolled in the program to a veritable rabbit hole by introducing facts gathered through careful observation and experimentation (the cornerstones of the Scientific Method). The second part of GFAS tries to relate to the enrollee how masculinity and sexuality factor into a courtship and it will try to impart information on how to mold oneself into an irresistible partner.

The truth of the matter is, human interaction is complex and not as easy as, say a sports game. The Girlfriend Activation System is a system designed to remove the clutter and superstitions involved in courtship. It aims to introduce a sense of scientifically enforced order into a chaotic activity.