“Many, many thanks the christian and the ‘the team’ who introduced me to the girlfriend activation system II. No matter how i tried i could not alter a lovely ladies opinion of me as a friend and think of me as a boyfriend after meeting her.

Four weeks to the day after learning with you, we are now a couple!

I used the 50 shades discussion to start with – as christian acted out it play out in the exact same manner – but it undoubtedly worked for me! The i used some of the flirting and attention withdrawal techniques to help during our time spent together.

3 weeks after the initial meeting i used the “slumber with me – no sex will occur” move following a lovely evening together and that functioned so well its difficult to describe. Not only did it create the first proper, passionate kisses the following morning it created the trust she was lacking, and started such sexual tension that it made HER chase me all week! Until the following weekend where she dragged me to bed.

So four weeks precisely, from our first meeting, she’s now my girlfriend – and this woman was formally NOT wanting to start anything sexual – but with the guidance and ideas from here, tailored slightly to suit me, has done what i really didn’t expect. She is well and truly activated!!!

Thanks from a customer that is tired but truly happy!”

Bill GCalifornia Member of the GFAS community.

“Here in england, the American page that advertised this product comes across as a bit of a hoax or some kind of scam. It felt like it was providing false claims. If i’m honest after watching the GFAS videos, i did feel the stuff in the advertisement didn’t really relate to the product, that was before the V2 was made.

I took a risk anyway. thinking somebody might of been trying to take advantage of a desperate guy, i had no idea that it would be better than i’d imagined.

The social man, helped me feel like a man. My dad as great as he was never taught me how to interact with women properly and this really filled the gaps. After 4 years of being single i finally have a girlfriend. The Social Man is not just about getting a girlfriend its about becoming a well rounded person that women want to be with. So thank you The Social Man you deserve much more than just my appreciation.”

Paul R – Manchester, UK


“This is the first time i’ve used a dating(?) system. I was a little worried it would be a “get a girl in the sack” kind of deal. which is not what i am looking for. sure i love the smell of a woman in the early hours, but i am looking to attract a quality woman who can contribute

to me as an individual as much as i will contribute to her.

I just finished the first couple of videos of the GFASV1 and i was relieved to hear you begin with “being a quality person yourself”. i know if i want to be with that type of woman i need to be that kind of guy. This course has put a fire under me to increase my commitment to become that guy. what are the chances that the first system i’d try was exactly what i was looking for! I am very pleased with my choice to buy your course. I will be devouring every high quality bit of information I can find.”

Terrance, Boston

“Wow, you guys really underpromise and over deliver, Everything i’ve purchased from The Social Man has been gold! Thank you for making such high quality material. Im excited to get my hands on David Tian’s updated Desire program. I’ve used his first one more times than i can count. Also you have the greatest customer service specialist representing your company that I’ve ever encountered. Amy is an asset you don’t want to lose, i hope you guys recognise her efforts.

Thank you from a customer for life.”

Steve P – Arizona

“Man, you guys definitely under-promise and over-deliver. Every program I’ve purchased from The Social Man (just about everything you offer) has been gold. I had read quite a few reviews of the system before purchasing, they were definitely mixed. I must say, Thank you for producing such high quality material. Additionally, you have the best customer service specialist I’ve ever encountered representing your company. Amy is one awesome asset, and I hope you guys recognize her often for her efforts. Thanks. I’m a customer for life.” 

Brad M, New York, United States