Girlfriend Activation System, A Review of Christians Product

Why you should buy?

You have probably landed on this page to read a fascinating review of what the system is and how it can help you. Well, I am not going to give you that. Instead, I am going to give you my own personal rendition of how it has helped me on my personal journey through life and how some of the techniques in the system can be applied to a wide variety of aspects in your life, not just the empowering of you within a social environment. Granted, with increasing my self-esteem and self-confidence with women it has had a knock-on effect in my life.

One problem I had, which is probably where you are now, is I was too busy thinking about taken action, and not taken action. Now I am an action taker, I don’t think about things, I actively do what I want when I want. This is the power of the system and the techniques within.

How this can help you?

I figured I would just bullet point this;

  • Increase self esteem
  • Increase self confidence
  • Helps you talk to women
  • Learn more about the psychology of the mind and how it all works during a social interaction.
  • How to have a successful first date.
  • Start developing you as an individual and learn more about yourself.
  • Add to your self-worth and value.

Please note I will add this now *individual results will vary. Although it has been a great success for me, like more things in life, it is what you do with it. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.

What to do next?

In the great words of Tony Robbins, “Stop being a chess piece and start being the chess player”.

Take action. Click this link and get signed up.

But if you still need some more convincing or want to know more about the system, what is involved and what it is you’re investing in, then please feel free to scroll down and read more. But first, take a look in the mirror, as your making an investment in yourself, when buying the girlfriend activation system. You are not just buying a quality system wrote by Christian Hudson, you’re making a statement in your life and aiming to achieve great things.

What are you and your relationships worth?

What are you worth? (Pretty big question, I know). Are you worth more than $69? I should hope so. If your answer was no to this, then I suggest you re-evaluate yourself worth.

Before you buy the Girlfriend Activation System

Don’t you want to know what it’s all about?

Put simply it is a set of tools set out in a video course format with private access. Straight of the bat, I am going to answer two of the common questions;

  • Is it available on mobiles? Yes, it is, it is mobile friendly, however with it being video content I would suggest you have a decent WIFI connection as it could hammer your mobile phone data.
  • Can I download the material? No, all of the content seems to be delivered by Amazon s3, you might be able to find some leaked content and if you can well done, but all you’ve proven is you aren’t going to use or appreciate the tools Christian and his team have worked hard to achieve and deliver in the video material.

With it being a video course that is separated into individual modules it gives you the ability to drop in and drop out of the course. It also means you can repeat sections/modules that may confuse you or you believe really apply to your life/situation. It also gives you access to the ten code community this is tied into a monthly cost of $69 but you can cancel this and just stick with the Girlfriend Activation System. On writing this there are over 120,000 active subscribers to this community with over 15 coaches available to help you. The community is kept safe from “trolls” those who negatively attack others can be reported and will be banned by the admins, so you can be kept safe and the community is kept supportive throughout your learning experience.

Christian has been featured on many prime time television and news broadcasts so you can take comfort in knowing that he known as a “love guru” by some, when really, as you will soon learn, he is just a genuine guy who wants to help others achieve nothing less than their true potential.

As of right now, the course is on special offer for $67. This will give you access to GFAS v2 as well as other bonuses. The totals for the entire course with the amount of hours spent in front of the camera and coaching should be approximately $3282, generally, I ignore these huge numbers, as you and I both know a lot of people just pick a number out of the air and shove it on there to make it seem like there is a huge discount, Christian probably underestimates the value of this course, at least from my point of view. I would happily pay $5,000 knowing how much it has valued me.

The Product Overview – What Modules Are Involved

At the beginning of 2015/last quarter of 2014 GFAS v1 received and upgrade and now it is Girlfriend Activation System V2. It has over 23 steps and bonus tips, so you know exactly what it is your investing in, I figured I would break down each module and what the section try’s to educate you on.

GFAS Steps on How to Make a Woman Fall

The Introduction

Put simply like all introductions it is a little bit of history about Christian, he introduces himself and shares his personal dating experiences as well as giving you an overview of what you are about to cover in the Girlfriend Activation System.

Masculine Power

Literotica and obsession will be two powerful words that will be brought up multiple times throughout the entire course. Christian gives you a good explanation of what it is and demonstrates the attributes of an “obsession-worthy” man.

He tries to show you the traits that a man needs for a woman to start to obsess over him. This has to involve 6 elements of masculine power for you to apply this to your life and more importantly the women you are interacting with.

Question & Answers with Alex

This is a girl from the audience that helps Christian demonstrate his techniques for you and what/how she feels they work for her. This way you can immediately see the effect these techniques can have on the women they are being used on.

Nick Sparks on Sexuality

You may have heard of him, if not, this guy is a coaching legend and goes into explaining sexuality and how you can get the girl to stop putting you in the friend zone, I know, this is a zone any “nice” guy has experience multiple times, in-fact, I have experienced it more than more, it always seems “nice guys, finish last” and expression I have heard myself say over and over again. But not anymore.

Jason on Being a Challenge

Time for you to learn how to get a girl to take an interest and spark intrigue in what you are talking about, it is time for you to learn how to challenge a woman, this section is brought to you by Jason Capital.

How to Be Genuine
I find this section to be vital and would expect you to re-watch this video, especially if you have been trying pick up artistry in the past, a lot of these old school systems teach you to create a fake persona. Well Alex Allman explains how you get a girl to let her guard down without giving away your power and having to be fake.

How to be Dominant

The importance of being dominant discussed by David Wygant.

Becoming Boyfriend Material

In this section we go back to Christian where he explains the top 7 things that women want and need from you to be a good boyfriend. Applying and living by these 7 things can help you keep your perfect girl and have a happy relationship.

Question & Answer with Christian Hudson

Christian spends some time answering the audience’s questions, some unique insights are shared within this module.

The “Obsession” Story by Christian Hudson

This is an overview of the three essential layers involved in the dating game, the obsession story, the investment and the checkpoints. Three layers that you should become fluent in, if you practice the techniques within the videos.

Day 2 – The Introduction

Christian recaps what was taught on day one and goes into an overview of what is going to be discussed next.

Your initial impression on a woman

He starts explaining the ways of approaching a woman and the importance of standing out from the crowed. How many times has this woman been approached? What makes you stand out from the crowd?

The King of The Game, Everyone Is Playing

Revealing how woman are always attracted towards men with high values or status. He goes into techniques of being the king in social situations and a very unique approach in order to get the woman to actually approach you.

Nick’s Take On It All

We head back to Nick and get her opinion on approaching and impressing women with a huge load of useful advice and tips.

Knowing What to Say

How to talk to women is important. In fact, it is one of the hardest things to master, this is where a lot of men fail, and those that succeed are the ones you see with 4-5 woman hanging off their word.

The Impression Reset

If you have been previously friend zoned, this can help you get out of the zone and actually impress her in a whole new way. Learn how to get out of the friend zone within this section.

The Inspection

This is the second phase of the obsession story; I won’t be revealing any of the meaty bits here.

The First Date

How to eliminate the fear and anxiety of the first date and how to make it an experience that you will both love. After all, first dates are designed to be fun right?

The Social Date

This is how to use a social date, when you are out with a bunch of your friends/peers or even work colleagues to get a girl more interested in you.

Making The Move, The Date That Leads to Sex

This is a step by step blueprint on how to escalate the date and make it lead to sex. Escalating the date can be difficult but Christian and his team help talk you through the different stages.

The Final Stage of the Obsession Story

Christian goes into the final stages of the obsession story and what the do’s and don’ts are after you two have officially became girlfriend and boyfriend and how to sustain a healthy relationship with her.

Christian wraps it up by explaining on how to get a girlfriend by means of Girlfriend Activation System.

The Bonuses when you sign up to Girlfriend Activation System.

  • The Breathtaking Hello – Teaches you how to approach any girl you want without rejection.
  • Sexual Texting – This is a complete “black book” for activating the naughty side of her over text and for sending dirty texts that will turn her on without offending.
  • Complete Confidence Hypnosis – This is a short, relaxing audio MP3 that helps you improve confidence.
  • Endless Conversations – This step-by-step method taught on how to talk to women and have enchanting, flirtatious conversations so you never need to worry about running out of things to say ever again.
  • Trial Access to “The Ten Code” – This teaches you how to be in the top 10% of guys by revealing how men who are “10’s” in all aspects of their lives.

*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.