As society progressively drains the average person of human contact more and more in his everyday life, the pressures on starting a long-lasting and stable relationship gets stronger and stronger.

As we would do with a risky business startup or a financial partnership, we must shore up our potential investment so that our potential risks are minimized and out gain maximized. Dating is arguably a pretty large investment in terms of both time and resources, as the more mature readers can surely relate to.

Watch Out for Pitfalls

There are just too many potential pitfalls that one can fall into, especially if one is still gifted (or cursed depending on the observer) with youth. Taking a chance with a person you’ve met online or a random stranger in a bar is just not something viable for most people anymore – especially for those that are looking for stable relationships and not just sex.

The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) is an online video course that aims to help beleaguered men in their quest to conquer the fears and anxieties that hold them back from meeting new people and then take it further by introducing them to the minute nuances that compose women and how to use those to their advantage during courting.

The first version of The Girlfriend Activation System involves different media aimed at tackling the potential problems that may be inhibiting a person’s love life. A series of books, audio & video instructions and other media will be made available to the person using the GFAS as self-improvement should usually be the first step in most quandaries about romance.

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The Next Steps GFAS Suggests

The next step in the GFAS moves on the task of presenting one to the woman and the mastery of appeal and the art of the first impression. There is no other step more crucial in founding a strong relationship as the first time the partners are introduced to each other due to the fact that if nothing will get built if there is nothing to build on. More than that, the last steps of the first version will help you transition away from just dating to full-blown boyfriend and girlfriend.

Now the second version of the Girlfriend Activation System goes even deeper and really gets into the meat of it. It goes into male and female psychology, the difference between both genders’ sexuality and, most importantly, the ways and means to become what a woman wants in a man.

Keep in mind though, tempting as it may seem, that the Girlfriend Activation System tackles more than just the sexual aspect of a relationship and how to get inside a girl’s panties (although there’s nothing wrong in using it for such). If sex is the end goal in your interest in using the Girlfriend Activation System, you’re missing out on the potential of building a strong and caring relationship with someone who could just be that person who you would spend your life with.