Girlfriend Activation System Review

the girlfriend activation system

How I Used the Girlfriend Activation System

So, a while ago, I’d been hearing more and more about “pickup artists” (PUAs) hailed as men with an almost wizard-like grasp of the female psyche. At least when it comes to charming them, that is. Hearing about these guys got me curious, as I’d been on what people would call a dry spell for a while, and by a while, I mean it had been like 2 years since I last had a meaningful relationship with a woman, which as you can imagine is frustrating and leads to all kinds of problems when it comes to doubting yourself and your overall confidence. Thus begins my exciting foray into it.

I did a bit of research into pickup artists, and for the most part, I didn’t really like what I saw. I’ve never been a guy who advocated using tricks to get a woman to fall into bed with you. The whole thing just seemed a bit sleazy, right? I mean, sure, great, I can trick a woman into bed with me, but what good does that do? The morning after comes around, the training wears off, and you leave. Most likely, to never hear from the girl again. That’s where GFAS sold me, I think it’s not just about teaching you how to trick a woman into bed but also about becoming the sort of person that makes women want to be with you, not just the persona you’re taught.

the girlfriend activation system

GFAS has changed my life in a profound way. The skills it helps you gain cross over into other aspects of your life, increasing confidence, which, as any guy that lacks it will tell you, can feel like the secret to the universe. 4 weeks into the course, I’d managed to change my fortune for the better, I could make friends with a lot of women and stay that way for a long time but I could never seem to make the transition from friend to boyfriend. Which I craved so desperately.

Using techniques I’d learned from Christian Hudson, the genius behind the course, I’d managed to step up my game, and I learned how to pick up girls. I’d not only become more confident when speaking to the opposite sex, I had the girl of my dreams chasing me! Imagine that 2 years with no luck with women, now all of a sudden, I have them fawning over me. It feels like some sort of miracle.

That’s why I’m creating this review site, people don’t need to be like I was, if you’re here then it means you’re looking for a solution to a problem I had, and if I can point somebody in the right direction that means they can change their fortune too, then I’m happy to do so. I’m now in a committed relationship for 5 months with a girlfriend I’m entirely in love with and let’s face it, beforehand she was entirely out of my league, but now with GFAS at my disposal there are no barriers, I decide which league I play in, and i get to win.

the girlfriend activation system

The only downfall I had with the course is that it requires commitment, but then anything worth doing does. You need to put yourself out there maybe in situations that aren’t going to be in your comfort zone, but as I’ve learned outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens metaphorically speaking. Since there’s no real magic involved it’s a tried and tested course. He went out time and time again trying new things exploring things that worked and discarding things that didn’t.

If you’re like I was then taking risks and putting yourself out there is something that doesn’t come easy, usually, I needed a little bit of coaxing to come out of my shell, I was reluctant to put money into a program to help me when it might have been for nothing, GFAS though, offers a 365 day money back guarantee if the program doesn’t work for you, which in itself speaks to the effectiveness of the course. Christian Hudson is so confident that his course will change your life that he’s willing to offer a refund.

the girlfriend activation system

The night has finally come for you to be on a date with that special someone. For the first time in so long, you finally get a chance to set across the table with your ultimate crush. You must be nervous and feeling excited, at the same time. That is one hell of a mix of emotion. However, you should not freak out. Here are some tips that should help you have a good first date experience:

You should never bring your ex up. You and your friends may find it amusing to know the number of girlfriends or boyfriends you had, but your date will not find it amusing. You better keep your tongue tied when it comes to your exes. Talking about your exes brings the interest level of your date to almost zero. Thus, you should never discuss your exes on the first date. You can always discuss your past relationships somewhere down your relationship, but never on the first date.

Keep your conversation light. This means that you don’t have to talk about how gloomy the world is, and how platonic things seem to you. You don’t want your skeletons out in your closet on the first date. You can always discuss your political or religious opinion later in the relationship. Try to keep your conversations positive and upbeat. Make it happy and impressive.

Never brag. Try not to brag about the things that you have, or how your Jag runs so fast. It is okay to sell yourself to the person sitting across you, but overdoing it is not the way to go. It is a turn off for anybody to hear someone brag about the luxury items that he or she owns.

Don’t get too friendly. This means that you should keep your hands to yourself. Being too friendly is offensive and creepy. You don’t want to end up being pepper-sprayed by your date. It’s quite embarrassing if that happens to you.

Never talk about sex. Talking about sex on the first date is downright tacky, and it is distasteful. Your date would think that you are only after sex. If you are, you better not go out on a date with someone, and waste both of your times. If you want to leave a good impression on your date, try not to talk about your libido or how good you are in bed. If you are what you say you are, your date will eventually find out in the end.

You should come prepared. Spontaneity, while a really good attribute, should never be practiced on the first date. You should plan everything out so you will be guided on your first date. Plus, it’s always better to come prepared than put yourself in the spot. Make sure that your reservation is confirmed, and make sure that you don’t show up fashionably late. Showing up late on a first date will not gain you dating points.

Make sure that you have more than enough in your pocket. When you are out on a date, especially when you are the one who invited, you have to make sure that what you have in your pocket will cover the cost of your dating expenses. Before you make a reservation, you have to make sure that you can afford the place. For the one invited, you should also bring some change with you. It doesn’t mean that your date is paying the bill that you cannot offer to pay for the tip.

Bring your manners with you. You have to remember to be on your best whenever you are out with someone you want to impress. Never argue with the waiting staff of the restaurant, nor be cruel to them. Being cruel to the staff is not so sophisticated, and is a very childish behavior. You don’t want your date to think that you are too young for your age. Remember, you should act according your age.

Don’t drink too much than your limit. Drinking a glass of wine or two while out on a date is okay. However, you should remember not to overindulge. You don’t want to end up throwing everything out from your stomach. This is quite embarrassing to you and to your date.

You just have to remember all these things when you are out on a date. It does not take a good memory to remember the tips mentioned here in the article. You just have to be conscious enough to know what is good or bad for a first date. You just have to use your common sense.

Can you get the Girlfriend Activation System in a PDF Format?

No, the course is an online video-based community with a bunch of additional training and educational workshops.

Can you download the girlfriend activation system

No. You have to login and they securely stream the videos to your computer.

Is the girlfriend activation system a scam?

No. It has over 200,000 Members and a thriving community growing year in year out


the girlfriend activation system