The beauty of beginning a relationship is often so stimulating and enlivening that one barely gives a thought about the possibility of a breakup later in the course of the relationship. As the saying goes:

“Everything that has a beginning has an end.”

and so it is with a majority of relationships, but certainly not all. However, there are reasons considered to be likely causes of relationship failures and in this article, we will be looking at why men often leave relationships. We teach you a lot more throughout the girlfriend activation system.

There are many reasons that might be given as to why many men leave relationships and at times these relationships are those ones that can be categorized as blissful, to say the least. So why would men leave that type of a relationship or any other relationship for that matter?

Let’s Begin With

To start with there is the most fundamental issue of the man himself in the relationship being the instrumental factor for his leaving the relationship. These causes may revolve around his inner needs, conflicts and aspirations and not necessarily have anything to do with the woman.

These personal factors play a more major role in why men often leave relationships and the other reasons can be adduced to come from the woman and various external factors. Below you’ll find a few of the most common reasons that a man will leave a relationship.

Not letting go of past relationships

He hasn’t gotten over a previous relationship. This is perhaps a huge issue with some men that might have been deeply involved in a past loving relationship they considered to be perfect for certain reasons but which unfortunately came to an end.

The memories, dreams and longings of such a relationship may still be lingering with them and whenever they are in a new relationship they always wish they could re-enact those exact experiences in the new relationship.

Some men can hold onto the memory of a former lover or wife so intensely that they idealize her so much that it prevents them from ever being able to appreciate and love someone else. They feel sort of comfortable in the safety of the memory they have of their past relationship than for them to attempt a new relationship.

  • They have a fear of commitment. Again, a very good reason why men leave relationships is, of their own fear of commitment to another person. They value their freedom so much that they are not ready to relinquish it for any reason and for nobody for that matter.
  • This fear of commitment makes most men feel that they would be losing the stimulation, adventure and freedom of being on their own. Some need the challenge of and adventure most new relationship provides and would not like to feel stifled or trapped in any way.
  • They have demanding, clingy or emotionally unstable partners. Men in general do not like women who are over demanding and arrogant. Although men love women who are independent and confident in themselves, they feel used when a woman attempts to or takes over control of the relationship. This kind of emotional distress can so easily make the man to leave the relationship.

Also, when a lady wants to always be around her man and not give him enough breathing space to have a life outside the relationship; and she appears to take the relationship as her sole source of happiness, then inadvertently the man will feel pretty entangled and would want out of such relationship.