The Ways To Combat Premature Ejaculation

Charlie Parrish

A frequent issue with men and health issues is around communication. Simply put: us guys still find it difficult to talk to each other about our problems.


Issues with early ejaculation can ruin relationships and destroy self-belief and confidence. We’ve partnered with Prolong — the new and most effective way to treat the condition — to ensure that men are equipped with the knowledge to confront and handle premature ejaculation issues.

With PE affecting one in three men worldwide, it’s not a niche issue or something anyone should be ashamed of addressing. Nor is it a disease or an illness — it’s a condition which can be managed and successfully dealt with.

We spoke with Consultant Psychiatrist and Prolong creator, Dr Andy Zamar, to get his advice on how to approach dealing with the problem handling premature ejaculation within a relationship, and discussing the issue.

When attempting to deal with your premature ejaculation issues, it’s important not to see alcohol or drugs as an answer. ‘Numbing yourself’ ahead of sexual encounters and self-medicating won’t get to the root of the problem, but will only damage your health in the long run. “If you’re suffering with premature ejaculation issues, or you feel that you lack control over how quickly you climax, you simply must stop using drugs or alcohol,” says Dr Zamar, “Resorting to drugs and alcohol, in fact, will potentially create more stress around the situation.”

And stress is something premature ejaculation sufferers simply do not need more of. “Research has showed stress is twice as common in people suffering from premature ejaculation that those who do not suffer,” But, Dr Zamar reveals, “it’s most likely a result of premature ejaculation rather than a cause.”


A frequent issue with men and health issues is around communication. Simply put: us guys still find it difficult to talk to each other about our problems. Particularly sensitive ones we feel might cause embarrassment. So if a friend does chose to confide in you about premature ejaculation issues, it’s important to keep in mind the sensitivity of the issue. “Remember,” says Dr Zamar. “They are likely to be people who have suffered and been tormented by their problem for a long time. The more  one tries and fails, the worse one will feel. Be sensitive and understanding if a friend talks to you about their problem.” You should consider yourself privileged that a friend has enough trust in you to reveal their sensitive issue: be discreet, be honest and be thoughtful with your response.

If you’re the person suffering with premature ejaculation issues, do be mindful about who you share your issues with. “If you want to talk to someone about premature ejaculation, think about the sort of person they are and why they might react the way they do,” says Dr Zamar. “If you have a partner, for example, who’s supportive, then you should absolutely have the conversation with them if you feel there’s a problem. But if your partner is a critical person, then you’re going to have difficulties and might want to find another person to talk to.”

Prolong provides an ideal solution to such a sensitive issue, as it’s a treatment people can use without necessarily even having to tell anyone about it. “They can just buy Prolong and deal with the issue privately, if that’s their choice,” says Dr Zamar. “And if you feel like it’s the right thing for your relationship, your partner can be very involved in the foreplay stages of your Prolong training. It can be something fun for you and your partner to explore together. But there’s no hard and fast rule about what the better answer is with regards to revealing your issues to others.”

The pressure and stress of premature ejaculation can be especially felt by younger men anxious to perform at a high level sexually. Fortunately, Prolong offers a way for men to essentially “train themselves up” before feeling ready to conduct sexual relationships. Instead of relying on binge drinking and one night stands, now young men can build confidence at their own pace and in private.

And it’s vitally important for anyone suffering with premature or rapid  ejaculation issues not to feel embarrassed. This can be difficult in a world where jokes around premature ejaculation are so common place in films, TV and comedy. “But this was the case with impotence before Viagra came along,” says Dr Zamar. “People now brag about buying some Viagra online and having a wild night.”