5 Easy Ways To Be The Boyfriend She Wants

AskMen Editors

When guys don’t address the basics, women get complicated quickly.

This was originally published on GalTime, our female friends who occasionally give us some much-needed tips. In this case, they trusted one of us (a man) to show the rest of us how it’s done. Robert Manni is President of BrandEnable LLC, a marketing consultancy in New York City, and author of the novel The Guys’ Guys Guide To Love.

To make this happen we should also considering the 5 ways not to be a douchebag on date. women are easy to please. I know, it’s not often we think that way but it’s true and, trust me, I’ve learned the hard way. Like most men, I used to view women as beautiful, exotic creatures that are unpredictable and impossible to figure out. I wasn’t doing the maths. When guys don’t address the basics, women get complicated quickly. It’s all about the layers. Here are five simple ways for men to help keep their partners happy and their relationships on course, Guy’s Guy style. Share them, ladies, and you might see a change for the better.

1. Clean Up Your Act
Regardless of how tidy a woman may or may not be, she’s delighted when a man keeps his home, car, clothes and body squeaky clean and smelling good. Special attention is required for the refrigerator, sink, and especially the bathroom. She’ll notice. Keeping clean is a positive way to live and it will help guys score a check plus on the first date and beyond. It may also up his chances at her wanting to see if his sheets are clean, also. Once into a relationship, guys need to set the bar high. That means cleaning up around the house, taking out the garbage and vacuuming etc. It’s got to be done anyway and she’ll notice.

2. Be Proactive
If a woman has to keep drilling a guy about doing every little thing that’s expected, he’ll remain in her doghouse. It’s critical for men to take care of things on their own without having to be asked a million times. No one wants to be a nag, but she’ll seem like one if he doesn’t think ahead. Want to avoid “the talk”? Anticipate a woman’s needs and address them. Surprise her with flowers, reservations at a restaurant she’s mentioned, cook her a tasty meal, order tickets for that play she wanted to see, etc. It all comes down to…