How To Get A Girlfriend

Getting yourself ready to get a girlfriend isn’t something that just happens over night. There are plenty of steps you need to take first to ensure you’re the the most attractive version of yourself you can be. One of the most important things you can do is to make sure that you are comfortable in your own skin, be satisfied with who you are alone before trying to make yourself a duo. Dressing well in your own style is important, becoming a sell out and wearing clothes that don’t suit your personality will surely turn a woman off. The ability to take care of your self and be self confident are major attractive to women. Often times you’ll find that looking to expand your friendship circle with quality friends can often lead to a relationship without you searching for it.

Be the kind of guy you see in the movies. No that’s not the womanizers of the world I’m talking the polite courteous guys who’ll offer to help somebody carry a bag or save a friend in need when they’ve lost their money and can’t afford to pay for their lunch. Make sure that you aren’t just doing this for her benefit though if you do it even when she’s not there people will start to think your a great guy, and will say so when your name comes up in conversation. Trust me she’ll notice this and she’ll agree.

Approaching women is where the majority of us fall down in my opinion sometimes guys get so scared of what the hot girl will say or have a fear of rejection that they wont approach a woman at all, or they do it so timidly they don’t even know they’ve been approached. If you see a girl you like, just approach her and attempt a conversation. The more you go out and talk to women the easier it becomes.

Don’t be scared of rejection its an irrational fear just walk up to a girl pay her a compliment and act like you’d like to get to know her, remember when your talking to somebody you want to be a girlfriend, you should convey your intentions otherwise she’ll just think your trying to be a friend. The same applies to knowing how to get a girlfriend online, sending a message is the first step

No excuses guys! The more you second guess yourself the more your going to shy away from a situation that could of led to something more, plenty of times you’ll hear the little voice in your head say things like, “nah she probably has a boyfriend”, “she looks busy I’ll leave her alone” and “she’s jogging now’s probably not a good time”. The worst thing that can happen is she’ll simply say no, and walk away. Like with anything repetition is the key to success, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Having a strong social network is key, and no I’m not talking about Facebook. The larger your group of friends you have, the more chances there are of you being introduced to a cute girl. Its as simple as that. So go out there start new hobbies join some clubs go to local events.

Make sure that you don’t forget about your physical appearance though, clothing and style aren’t everything. A poorly groomed man often says bad things about your personality and habits. Messy bed hair and bad breath aren’t forces of attraction.

Putting these things into practice takes a bit of time some of them you can change straight away. Some of them need to be worked on but I’m sure in no time you wont even remember why you ever needed to seek advice on how to get a girlfriend. You’ll be a regular natural!