What You Should Do To Prepare For Your First Date

Taking these steps will prepare you for knowing how to get a girlfriend.

It is natural to feel nervous about your first date. However, here are some tips for you to help calm your nerves and to make your first date memorable:

• The Planning. Of course, the first thing you do is to plan your date. It has to be mutually enjoyable for both parties. You have to know the likes and dislikes of your date. It is very important that you make plans 2-3 days prior your first date. You should be open to try something new, and consider what your date would like to try.
• The Confirmation. You already have a plan in mind. It is now time to confirm your plans for your date. Preferably, you can call her late morning or early afternoon (she wouldn’t be busy at these hours). Confirm your meeting place and the time. Give her the details of your plan and be open if she wants to make some changes. It is also important that you tell her what you are planning to wear. It is important that you both would have fashion coordination. Also, if you are planning for a dinner, you have to confirm with the restaurant if everything is set. Check for the weather that day, and bring an umbrella when necessary.
• Your Grooming. First impressions do count. On the day of your date, visit a barber shop if you must. It is important that you are presentable, and you give out a good first impression with your date. You have to bear in mind that ladies like well-groomed men, who take pride in their appearance. And surely, a haircut and a shave would make you feel good and confident.
• What You Wear. Wear something that you are comfortable with. It is important that you feel relaxed and natural with the clothes you wear that day. You should wear neat and clean clothing, matched with a nicely shined shoes and a watch.
• Your Hygiene. Your shiny shoes, nice watch, and neat and clean clothing will count for nothing if you have body odor or bad breath. Body odor and bad breath are a complete turn off for women. You should not only look nice, but also smell good.
• Be Mentally Prepared. Visualize your date and how you want your date to go. It is very important that you are prepared mentally. Walk through the details of your date in your mind, and the things that you should do – from the moment you pick her up, the conversations that you may have, the time you spend in the restaurant, up to the last detail when you part ways.
• Be Flexible. Sometimes, things won’t go your way. It is very important that you stay open and are flexible. Learn to go with the flow and enjoy your moment together. You have to be in control to go with what you have planned for the evening, but at the same time loose enough for changes.

If you follow these tips, your confidence will be enough to go through the entire date. Even if you’re not with the woman of your dreams, it is assured that you will have a smooth sailing date with the woman you are with that night.

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