Best Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend

Here is a condensed version of our best tips on how to get a girlfriend.

1. Look like a boyfriend. this means making yourself clean and presentable by doing the following:

  • Shaving regularly, if you have a beard keep it neat and trimmed
  • Showering Regularly, nobody likes bad odours
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Keep your hair neat
  • Keep your hands and fingernails clean

2. Set yourself some guidelines about what your looking for

  • What Qualities are important?
  • Which of those are negotiable?
  • Set reasonable standards that you could be expected to match

3. Make peace with your past

  • Stop hating your ex girlfriends
  • Let go of old issues e.g if you’ve been cheated on, don’t bring that suspicion into a new relationship

4. Use your best qualities, emphasize your most attractive features

  • Pick clothes that give you confidence
  • Pick a pair of awesome jeans that hi-light your behind if that’s what you have working
  • Wear men’s cologne sense of smell is a huge trigger for attraction
  • If you have any talents, try to include it without seeming like a showoff

5. Pay attention when friends talk about their girlfriends

  • Listen your guy friends when they talk about their girlfriends
  • All women are different but there are trends when it comes to what they like in general
  • Making women feel good significantly increases your chances of getting a girlfriend

Keeping an eye on all these points can increase your luck with the ladies substantially, so make sure your preparing to know how to get a girlfriend before you embark on your journey