Isn’t it sweet to think of getting married? You imagine yourself walking in the aisle with a flashing smile and exchanging I do’s with the one you love. Planning is as easy as writing it in a paper, but the question is, are you really sure that you have found THE ONE?

Seeing yourself getting married with the person you love is not a guarantee that he is also looking at the same picture as you are.

To make it easier, the GFAS has listed the signs that might make you say I DO sooner.

You are on the Same Boat in Terms of Values

If you and your hubby agree on decisions and see things the same way, like discussing certain issues without ending in a fight, then you are compatible with each other. In a relationship, communication is essential. Setting your priorities and seeing to it that both of you agree or at least compromise on everything is definitely a good sign.

It Gets Sweeter as Time Passes By

If his act of love doesn’t fade and continues to give you the giddiness inside as years go by, it simply shows that you are both deeply in love with each other. Exchanging I love you and I miss you is not enough, words won’t bring the relationship to higher levels; actions will. Love doesn’t fade with time but gets even sweeter through the years.

He Loves You Just the Way You are

If your hubby loves you and accepts you for who you are or what you have and don’t have, then he might be the one. Loving a person doesn’t need to be stressful. You don’t have to change so much of yourself to fit in because acceptance and contentment are important factors to have a successful relationship.

He Puts Red Marks on Special Dates

He remembers special dates and gives time to celebrate them with you. Giving attention to important dates like birthdays or anniversaries shows that you are special. He would take time to celebrate those times because he is thankful for having you.

Distance doesn’t Matter even if You are Miles Away

Sometimes sacrifices are made and relationship is put on the line, especially when one has to leave and the other needs to stay. It is very difficult situation and often became the main reason why guys leave the relationship. Surviving a situation like this despite the distance is a testimony of how certain you are with your partner. When you surpass this scenario, then both of you will only prove that even distance can’t ever break you apart.

Makes You Part of His Family

If he introduces you to his family as the person he wants to spend his life with and gives time to meet your family as well, it’s a good sign that you might have found the one. He will make time to bond with your family and treat your family as his own. A man who sees you to be someone he would be living with would make sure that both of your worlds would hopefully become one, including getting the people in your lives together.

He is Your Best Friend and Partner

He is always around you and supports you in every way. He will give you all the love, care, and understanding that he could ever give and won’t just leave you when you need him most. A person who loves you will make every dark side lighter, will put a smile on your face, and will always be there for you no matter what.

He Sees You as Someone He Wants to Spend His Life With

If you are always included in his plan in the future and make you his queen, this is a good sign that he might be the one. Making you an important part of his life and making both of your plans come true like getting a house for your future family and working hard to give you a good life are signs that both of you are really into making things work for the future and hopefully, the rest of your life.

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