Opening up to someone is quite a hard thing to do, most especially when you got used to being single and not worry about someone else’s welfare except your own. But then, when you are into the dating stage of your life that doesn’t necessarily means you are betting everything you have on the table, although indeed it’s true that you are betting a piece of you, yet that doesn’t mean you have to pour in everything. Dating is basically a way to get to know someone else, to make new friends, and create a new relationship or better yet getting to know some people better and deeper. To make dating simple for you, there is this girlfriend activation system where you will be able to learn the best days to attract a girl, how to talk to the girl in a way that makes her wants to be with you, and a long-term relationship commitment from your girl.

Though honestly speaking, dating an individual doesn’t come easy. There are too many dating mistakes that almost everyone makes. This certain stage of your life has its many challenges as well and is considered to be one of the most crucial stages of all and every relationship of all couples, for on this stage you’ll never know if you’ll make it or break it. And the odd part is, though not odd at all, is that you won’t be able to know the result not unless you do it and tried. I know letting someone into your life is hard and most of you are afraid to try and fail, but then if you won’t do it and just stay within your comfort zone you can never be happy at all. You can never experience failure, devastation, depression, and pain. Those are a few of the experiences that almost every single individual has to undergo in their life so that they can remain strong, and be even stronger than they were before.

Not only does failure and depression are some of the challenges in dating, but there are also a lot, to be honest. And one of which is breaking and going out of your comfort zone and give some individual a piece of your life, an important aspect of your life. Though most of all as a single individual you got used to the routines and other activities you used to do alone, and you just enjoy the peace and sometimes you always ask yourself certain questions like “Will that person like what I like?” or “I hope the person I’ll date will enjoy what I enjoy”. That usually happens, and it happens to almost all couples who had successfully conquered that stage. Though if you’ll ask one of the couples you know the same question, you’ll sometimes get an answer that goes like “It was the worst!

But then I get to know what he likes and tried it too and ended up doing a different thing together and was happy with those experimented activities that we ended up loving it”. Although there are some couples who like their lives the way it is that they don’t experiment much, afraid that they’ll never survive when they are outside their comfort zone. But what I can suggest is that as long as you love doing it, just do it together and when you’ve survived at least there’s something you’ll reminisce about what you did together.

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