The dating scene is a tough one to navigate, and it feels even harder nowadays considering a lot of dating has moved online. Sure, online dating sites and using apps to find girls can be successful for some guys but not everyone is destined to find love through a screen.

Anyone who has been on the dating scene for a while will know that it is pretty difficult to meet women in a bar or club, whether you’re in Los Angeles or any other city in the world, which is why we are broadening your horizons with this guide. You can meet women in so many different places, whether you’re based in the bright lights of Los Angeles or a smaller spot.

1) Coffee Shops

A great alternative to bars is another location where you can grab a beverage and meet women at the same time. Coffee shops are a great setting for any rom-com and there is a good reason for that. People from all walks of life use cafes regularly, and you can find interesting women there any given day.

The reason why coffee shops are some of the best places to meet people is the fact that it isn’t weird or a turn-off to see a single guy enjoying a beverage alone is one – which cannot always be said for bars.

A coffee shop is a great place to strike up a conversation with girls, and you will have a much better chance of being able to get noticed. When you start dating, you can always return to the cafe where you met for special occasions!

2) Sports Clubs

Now, meeting girls at sports clubs can be a brilliant option but you have to get your timing right. Being able to connect with girls over a common interest of sport is an excellent ice breaker when dating, but trying to chat her up while you’re tackling her during a rugby match isn’t going to end well.

There are various areas in sports clubs where you can meet girls, but the gym is perhaps not one of the best places to meet women. Sure, it’s nice to meet someone who takes care of themselves but think about what most people do at the gym. Most of the time, when we’re working out we have headphones in as we listen to music or watch videos. Some people are there with a fitness buddy so you won’t be able to talk to them freely and make her your girlfriend.

Instead, at sports clubs, you can connect with people during the social elements of shared sports. For example, running clubs can be a great place to socialize and meet girls as you have a chance to speak to one another before the exercise begins avoiding the awkward out-of-breath chat that many men have failed at before.

Tennis clubs are another great way to meet girls, and they come with the bonus of being able to play doubles to increase your chances of meeting women.

3) Walking At The Dog Park

On a similar note, meeting women at the park can make it easy to start a conversation as you have a shared interest in animals.

If you don’t have a pet of your own and are dating, you can borrow a puppy from a friend or through social media sites made for this specific reason – but you do need to have a dog with you before going to the park. Nothing looks more suspicious than a lone man without a dog at the dog park, right?

Dog parks are one of the best places to meet women because it is considered to be a safe environment for girls. This means they will be more open to having a conversation with you, and pets make a brilliant ice breaker if you’re not sure what to say.

A lot of times, girls will approach you when you’re paired with a puppy and start a conversation of their own accord which means half of the work is done for you.

A dog can be a great way to get a girlfriend, so don’t be afraid to take your furry friend along with you when you next go out looking to meet women. It can be just the thing to start a conversation with an attractive woman!

4) Shopping

While it’s a bit of a stereotype that girls love shopping, most guys will attest to the fact that it is true. You can meet a lot of women when you’re out shopping, and you don’t have to enter lingerie stores on your own to do so! Grocery shopping can be one of the best places to meet women because everyone needs groceries.

Depending on what kind of woman you want to meet, you need to be selective about the stores you enter. Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s are great places to meet girls who are health-conscious and you can bond over your shared interest in organic vegetables.

However, you need to get your timing right when trying to meet women in grocery stores. You can easily come off as creepy by just approaching random women from the minute you enter the store.

Make sure you have some questions ready to ask the women when you meet them and have a basket of food with you so you don’t look out of place.

You can ask questions regarding the food and what kind of thing they’d recommend, commenting on how in shape she appears if appropriate. With a good opener like that, it should be easy to keep the conversation flowing and you could be walking away with her digits.

5) Public Transport

Turning your morning commute into a place to meet women can make your everyday routine all the more interesting, but you need to be brave for it. This is not the best idea for the faint-hearted or guys who haven’t yet worked on their chat game.

But you can indeed meet a lot of girls on public transport, which includes anything from the subway, trains, to buses. The reason why this is not one of the best ideas for beginners is that on public transport you will have an audience and everyone will be watching the moves you pull to attract a lady, so you need to make sure they’re good ones!

A good way of starting conversations with a girl on public transport is by pretending you already know her. Lines such as ‘fancy seeing you here!’ or ‘hey, how have you been?’ can give off the impression that you already know each other, which won’t draw as much attention as that guy over there trying to pull a girl on the way to work.

If she’s polite, the girl might continue the conversation on her own accord and continue acting as though you’ve already met, but you can quietly explain that you wanted to start a conversation with her without attracting attention and see how she reacts.

This can be very flattering and the girl might continue to have a playful conversation with you now you are both in on the plan – this can show that she is flirtatious and up for a laugh.

6) Evening Classes

As we’ve already said a few times in this article, a great way to get the attention of a girl is to have something in common with her.

This is why evening classes, like art or cooking classes, can be one of the best places to meet women. You can take a class in almost anything these days, and you don’t have to be in a bustling city like Los Angeles to find a local community center or high school that offers them. You can study whatever interests you whether that is painting, languages, cooking, and so on to show those around that you’re interested in bettering your life, which can be very attractive to girls.

You can take a class after work, which means you can increase your opportunities to meet women as you no longer have to wait to hit the bars on the weekend. Think about your interests or even better think about what women are interested in and see whether there are evening classes around in that subject.

Creative people are supposed to be very interesting and women are going to be more attracted to a guy who is in touch with his feelings, so look into taking a class in painting, art, music or something similar. The worst that can happen is you’ll walk away with a new group of friends who all have similar interests, and they could end up introducing you to your type of woman so don’t knock it!

7) Art Galleries And Museums

Likewise, when you want to impress people what kind of things do you say you’re interested in? We always try to say that we’re artistic people and are very cultured, so why not try to meet a girl doing just that?

Every city has at least one gallery or museum that you can visit on the weekend to meet women. Any girl who spends her free time soaking in culture is going to be worth talking to, and she is likely going to have more interesting conversations than the party girls you meet in bars on Friday night.

Meeting women in art galleries and museums can not only be very successful but it also doesn’t have to cost anything, as a lot of these facilities are free. You can visit any gallery or museum in your town and see a whole range of women. Museums are a great tourist attraction too, so you can meet a girl from out of town which can make it more likely that you’ll find someone who is your type.

8) Music Festivals

A large event like a music festival or a concert can also be a great way to meet women. Many men have found success in pulling when it comes to an event like this because you always have something to talk about and there are so many girls to meet.

Festivals are full of positive energy, as all, there are enjoying the music and are there to have a good time. This can make the girl you approach more open to starting a conversation with you, plus she’ll likely be there with a group of her friends and they might be your type too.

However, as girls are at this event with their friends you need to play it cool. All interactions with women at festivals need to be short, casual, and fun. You want to make sure the girl remembers you but also doesn’t think you’re a creep who’s trying to get her alone.

To get her number, make sure you’re aware of the things you can invite her to after the concert, such as the after-party at the bar that she can bring all her girlfriends to and you can get to know each other some more.

9) Yoga Classes

If you’re looking for a girl who’s into her fitness but hasn’t had success at the gym yet then why not try a yoga class? This is a hotspot for attractive women and the ratio in almost all yoga classes is going to work in your favor.

However, like at the gym you need to plan your timing. Trying to hit on a girl mid-pose is not going to be successful for many so make sure you have a good opening line to attract her before or after class. Yoga is supposed to be a tranquil exercise so it’s unlikely that many women will appreciate being hit on when they’re trying to work out.

If you do want to try to get things going in yoga class, we’d recommend trying some moves out at home first so you don’t make a fool of yourself. And try a beginner class at first!

10) A Meet-Up Website

Although a lot of men want to meet women out in the wild, as it were, online can be a good place to find an interesting girl to talk to. Websites like allow you to connect with people in your local area, based on common interests. For example, if you’re based in Los Angeles you can search for your area or the things you want to do to see what people are offering. You can even find a job through websites like this, so it shows that all kinds of people are going online to meet others.

You can find almost anything from book clubs to fans of certain TV shows and even evening classes online, and this can be the opening you need to meet women. Unlike a dating site, there isn’t the pressure for people to be on their game all the time and messages can be more casual at first.

A person who might be new to town could just be looking for the best places to eat or drink around here, and you could the knight in shining armor that helps them out.

Final Notes

If you’re dating, you might think you need to hit the bars every weekend to meet girls but that just isn’t the case. Some of the best places to meet girls require a bit of imagination, but you’ll find the ones that are worth it in no time!

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