To move your love life over to the next level, you will need to make a girl your girlfriend and you can’t do that without expressing some feelings for her. Now, guys aren’t always the best at expressing their feelings, but girls love it. Even if you have managed to hook up with each other, girls want you to be direct.

It can be hard to tell a girl you like her, especially if you’re not the kind of guy who likes to talk about their feelings at all. However, you can tell a girl you like her and upgrade your dating life without coming off like an extra in a rom-com (even if that’s something she’d love!)

Telling someone you like them is vital if you want to take your relationship to the next level. You might have worked hard to get to the stage when you can hook up, but if you want to start a relationship you’re going to have to express your emotions and tell her that you like her. A friendship can become a long-term relationship if the guy chooses to be honest and express his emotions.

We know that most guys have a lot of questions about how to tell a girl you like her and this is some of the most requested dating advice ever, which is why we have created this article.

The Key To Ultimate Success

Telling a girl you like her can go one of two ways – either she will be upset and confused, if you come across as a creep, or she will be flattered and admit she has a crush on you too. Even if you perfect your moves and try everything we are going to recommend, you cannot force a girl to like you back but that isn’t a reason to not give it a go when you feel like the moment is right.

This is why the key to telling someone you like them is confidence. Nothing is more attractive to girls than someone who knows his own mind and is in control of his life. Even if she doesn’t reciprocate she will still respect you. If you’re confident, she might end up finding you attractive anyway, even if it takes a bit longer than you’d like.

When you’ve good self-esteem in life, you won’t be crushed if telling a girl you like her doesn’t go exactly the way you want. This means you won’t act like a dick if she rejects you, because you don’t need to stoop that low. Instead, you can walk away from the conversation a better person and now free from her so you can move onto another woman.

Before you decide whether to tell a girl you like her, make it your intention to take any news well. There is nothing more unattractive than a scorned man who didn’t get what he wants the first time, and this is a massive turn-off for girls. If you ruin this moment, you will never get another chance with that girl and she will probably warn all of her girlfriends off you too. So, no matter how it works out take it like a man for the best response.

Confidence can improve all areas of your life and the people who benefit most from it are men. Being able to stand tall and express yourself clearly is a wonderful skill for all of your life and it can work in your favor when it comes to love as well.

Test The Waters

There are some ways you can work out whether the girl you like is also interested in you, which is something you should do before you express your feelings for her. This way you can work out whether it is going to go well and what part you play in her love life.

You don’t have to be an expert in body language, love, or women, in general, to figure out whether a girl is interested in you. She mightn’t have been so bold yet as to admit her feelings for you because most girls want guys to make the first move when it comes to love and you can do so once you’ve tested the waters. If you want to take your relationship from being friends into something more, there are some ways you can whether a girl wants more too without asking awkward questions.

If you’re wanting to be more than friends with a girl, then you need to be quick about it. Some will wait until it is too late in admitting their feelings for girls, which is how they end up in this thing called the friend zone. But if you test the waters and get your intentions out there early enough, the relationship can develop from being just friends into something more.

Keeping up the friend thing will ruin all sexual tension, which is where many guys go wrong. If you’re interested in a person you’re friends with you need to act fast to tell her you like her before she starts to see you as just a friend or worse, ‘like a brother’ because then there is no chance of hooking up.

There is a certain way that you should show your affection for the girl you like if you are already friends with her, as this will test out the level of sexual interest without you looking like a creep and getting rejected.

To get the girl you like to like you back is to not be needy. There is nothing more unattractive to girls than someone desperate, which is how some guys come off when they want to make a friend into a girlfriend. It will be easier to tell a girl you like her if you know she feels the same about you, but that doesn’t mean you should just ask her outright or become desperate for the right answer that you’ll do anything for her. This is the kind of guy that girls enjoy for a limited amount of time, because once they have what they want out of you they don’t need you anymore. So avoid coming across as needy when trying to work out if someone likes you, which you can do this way.

Focus on getting sexual tension or interest going between you two. Instead of focusing on whether the girl feels the same about you and working out what you can get from the relationship, the way to tell a girl you like her is to create the perfect environment for it and you can do that by focusing on turning her on before you tell her you like her. When you’re testing the waters, remember is it not all about you so do things that she likes and that will turn her on.

To do this, you need to let the girl know that you find her attractive without expressing yourself too much. This way, she can get turned on to your feelings and it won’t be much of a surprise when you tell her that you like her, and it’s much more likely that she’ll reciprocate!

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her

While directly expressing your feelings to a girl can work in some situations, you need to get the mood right and make sure she understands that you find her attractive. As we have mentioned, waiting too long to tell a girl who you are friends with that you like her can mean you might already be in the friend zone.

There are some things you should do early on in a friendship with a woman to tell her you like her. This will give you the chance to see whether she feels the same before expressing yourself and if she doesn’t seem interested you can save yourself the rejection and move on to someone else.

The following tips are a great way to show a girl you like her. These things can be an obvious sign of sexual interest and should let the girl know you find her attractive, which can get her in the right mood for asking to be more than just friends with her. You need to make yourself as a guy in her mind that she can have a relationship and perhaps start a life with.

1) Compliment Her Appearance

While some guys might tell you to never comment on a girl’s appearance, this can be one of the best ways to create sexual tension and tell a girl you like her. Those guys that tell you to stay away from compliments simply don’t know how to do it properly, because you can come across as a tool, or worse a creep, if you don’t think about what you’re going to say first.

You don’t have to be the creep that makes a lewd comment on a girl’s appearance nor do you have to come across as the needy person who worships a girl because she is a goddess. There is another way to do this and that is simply by being natural, normal, and attractive.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be bold when you tell a girl you like the way she looks, because being bold is the way to transform the way she sees you. When you speak with confidence and comment on her appearance, she will start to see you as a strong masculine guy who she could be interested in. So the key to telling a girl you like her appearance is to be bold and to not wait for an answer.

Simply express your opinion as fact and leave it there. Let her do the rest of the work, as she’ll think about what you said and change the way she sees you. The bold way to tell a girl you like her is to compliment parts of her body. A good thing to start with is her legs, but if you’re a first-timer you can comment on how stunning she looks in her dress or jeans.

Commenting on how pretty her hair looks is also a good way to get things moving on your side and this can work for all kinds of women.

2) Compliment Her Personality/Attitude

The first step in telling a girl you like her is with the physical stuff, but if you want to take things to the next level then you need to start complimenting her on all the other things that matter to women. Show her that you see her as more than some eye candy and compliment her on her attitude or personality.

Complimenting things such as the way she talks, walks, and holds herself, in general, will show the girl that you’re paying attention to her. You’re not just looking at her body (but still let her know that you’re interested in that too!) but you see her as a whole person. The more that you’re able to notice about her and compliment her on, the more she will see how serious you are about your feelings.

Only interested people would notice the way someone walks or the little habits they have like pulling their hair back in a sexy way or biting their lip when they’re nervous.

Again, as with complimenting her on her appearance be bold in your conversation and do not wait for an answer. Men who are not confident in what they’re saying, such as making what they say into a question, are not someone that girls are interested in. Girls like men who are confident and self-assured, so show her that you are by being unapologetic in what you say to her.

3) Eye Contact

Eye contact is such an underrated tool in the dating game these days, as many things are done through a screen and you can’t exactly look into someone’s eyes through their inbox.

But prolonged eye contact in the right circumstances can create sexual tension and can be a great way to tell a girl you’re interested in her. We’ve all heard that eyes are the windows to the soul, and eye contact is a way to bear it all (in a PG-13 way, for now!) so you can start to become more with a girl you’re interested in.

Direct eye contact also shows confidence, which we all know is an attractive thing for girls. Men who aren’t afraid to look a girl directly in the eyes when talking to her – even during moments of quiet when on a date – are confident and self-assured. To built sexual tension when on a date, make sure you make eye contact with the girl when none of you are talking.

She might get flustered and giggle or ask what you’re doing, but if you let her be the one to look away first you’ve shown dominance and expressed your interest pretty well.

When you’re working on your eye contact, make sure to relax the muscles in your face to get the right expression. You don’t want to look like you’re staring her out or like you’re about to hurt her, but instead like you’re accessing a stunning piece of art that is very interesting to you.

4) Get Distracted By Her Body

After you have made some comments on her appearance and made it obvious that you think she’s an attractive woman, you can take things to the next level. One of the best ways to build sexual tension and show her how interested you are in her is to get deliberately distracted by her body when you’re talking to her.

Allow your gaze to get distracted by her cleavage or her legs when you’re talking and deliberately linger on these body parts when you’re talking before meeting her eyes again. If you want to improve the effects of this method, you can shamelessly admit to her that you were distracted by her body. She might ask you what you’ve been doing, in which case be bold and unapologetic when you admit that you were distracted by her cleavage or backside and see how she reacts.

Apologizing in a self-assured way might also be appropriate if you make sure to focus on how stunning she is and how that distracted you. After all, you don’t want to come across as a creep but you still want her to see you as a confident masculine guy who she could be interested in.

If she is still confused about her feelings for you, this will give her something to think about as all women like flattery.

Looking at her lips is also a great way to get the sexual tension going, as lips are a very sensual part of the body. Lingering your gaze on her lips gives the impression that you’re thinking about kissing her and this can make her feel very excited if she is interested in you.

5) Touch Her

One of the best things to do to tell a girl you like her is by being physical with her. This isn’t to say that you should jump right in with a caress across her face or a kiss, but small subtle touches can be effective at turning her on and letting her know how you feel about her.

One of the best places to start is with her hand. When you’re walking next to her, let your hand brush on hers to get her thinking about what it would be like to hold hands with you when you’re her boyfriend. Another great way to tell a girl you like her is to touch her after you say something funny, such as putting your hand gently on the top of her arm, or after complimenting her body. This will she’ll already be in a good mood and likely attracted to you, so touching will send all the right signals.

Hands are the best way to start touching a woman, so if you can get her involved in some kind of game or teasing her with a palm reading can ramp up the sexual tension. Think of touching like foreplay during sex, which means that sometimes less is more if you want to get her turned on.

Give her just little bits of physical contact and make sure that you’re the one who initiates it, as this will show her that you’re willing to be intimate with her.

When Is It Time To Tell Her?

After following the steps we have given you in this article, such as complimenting her appearance and then working your way to touching parts of her body, it might now be time to have the conversation.

When it comes to telling a girl that you like her, a face-to-face conversation is the best option. While a lot of dating these days happens online, telling a girl you like her through social media can undo all of your hard work. Telling her face to face means you can physically see her attraction to you and work out what her response is going to be, but it also expresses the confidence that women love so much.

You’ve been paying her particular attention if you’ve followed the tips and steps we’ve given you so far, so she should be in the right mood to listen to what you have to say. When you tell a girl you like her, make sure you are just as bold and unapologetic as you have been when complimenting parts of her body or attitude. Women love a confident man who takes charge, but now is not the time for cockiness.

Make sure you are being genuine and you can appear a little vulnerable during this moment (which should come naturally, as hell this is a scary time for anyone!) as this will keep her turned on. Point out the things you like about her and also point out how much fun you’ve been having lately.

All of the times that you’ve complimented her touched her, and flirted with her have been working up to this moment so if you’ve been doing it right the attraction should be obvious.

If you must insist on telling her you like her via her inbox or text message, then there aren’t many ways you can do it. The areas we have helped you with so far do not apply when you’re talking through a screen, but you should have been taken notes when we talked about how much confidence matters. The same rules apply to everyone when talking via text, as you should just be bold in what you say, clearly state your attraction to her, and leave without question. Let her do the rest of the work and figure out how she is going to reply.

The idea of being confident will make it easier to deal with the situation, whether it goes well or whether you’re rejected. When you’re confident and expressing your truth, no one can argue with you – including women.

It is obvious when you are being truthful and anyone can see through lies, so make sure that you are working on a girl that you want to be with. These tips can work on all kinds of women, but the idea is that they get the person you’re interested in ready to be with you and you’re hard work will not be worth it if you don’t care about who you’re talking to.

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