When you try dating online, you have to communicate with the people you’re interested in through chat or email. Like christian hudson said, even if your initial communication is a success, it might be doomed to fail if you commit the following mistakes:

Getting too serious too soon

Even if you have chatted, emailed, or talked to the person over the phone, it’s not enough to think that you’re going to walk down the aisle soon. Whirlwind and passionate romances often end too soon, leaving you broken-hearted or breaking the other person’s heart. Start as friends first, before considering taking your relationship to the next level. Take your time getting to know the person first if you want to find a long-term partner. You have to be certain before committing to that person.

Discussing controversial subjects

Politics, sex, and religion should not be brought up on your first few dates online. These topics will likely ignite discussions that might end up in major arguments, breaking the relationship that you have nurtured online. When you first start Instagram dating, it is best to avoid these topics altogether and choose nonconfrontational subjects instead.

Being too pessimistic

Talking about negative things, even if they are about you, is a big turn-off. Spend your date getting to know each other, instead of discussing your former spouse or exes. Don’t even talk about the bad dates that you’ve had in the past if you don’t want to put your current date in an awkward position.

Revealing too much about yourself

If you decide to meet someone whom you found online, set the date in a public place. When you talk, make sure to filter your mouth to avoid revealing too much personal information. Remember that you are still meeting a stranger, despite your online contact. It’s just not worth the risk.

Giving money

If the other person starts asking for money for whatever reason, that’s enough of a sign to run as fast as you can. Con artists usually appeal to you emotionally to get you to give them money.

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