When you’re chatting away with someone you really like via text messages, apple imessage, or social media, sometimes they go silent and you find yourself left on read. That little read receipt icon that shows that they’ve seen your message can be devastating if they don’t reply.

In order to prevent this from happening again, or to fix the situation so people get back to you after your text, you’ll want to work out what’s wrong. No one is going to get anywhere in life without trying to work out what’s wrong, and you have to think carefully.

We’ve got some ideas that you might consider when you’re trying to work out why your text has been left on read. Don’t turn to sources such as urban dictionary, shutterstock photo guides or getty images for answers – read our list of options below, and think carefully whether something like this might have happened to you.

Why you might be getting left on read

Getting left on read is no fun at all. You’re texting someone you have a crush on, and that person just stops responding. You like them a lot, but you’re getting nothing at all from them for some reason. Let’s take a look at why the girl, guy, or other person you’ve got a crush on might be ignoring your message.

They’re too busy to talk

Texting isn’t the only thing anyone is doing with their lives. No matter what the person you have a crush on is like, they unquestionably have other tasks they have to do. If you’re getting left on read, consider: are they just at work, and therefore not texting you? Are they hanging out with friends? There are many other things that people might be doing that could stop them from texting you, and you need to respect that.

Your last text didn’t merit a reply

Take a look at the last text you sent. Was it a question, or something else that actually needed an answer or other response? If it wasn’t, then there’s no reason for them to send any sort of response at all. Just wait 24 hours or so, and start a new conversation with no mention of your previous texts.

If it was a question that needed responses when read, then there might be something going on. If your elite daily conversation that needs replying to is going read but unanswered, then you might have a problem.

They got distracted by something else

Every person has about a million apps on their phone, all of which offer exciting distractions. It’s easy to get distracted, and just forget to message someone back. There are so many different demands on everyone’s time at the moment that it’s easy to find yourself left on read because of a distraction.

That means that you’re competing for attention with all the other apps on someone’s phone, and you have to be interesting enough that they won’t be leaving you on read. Be creative and interesting!

Your text message was boring

If you’re getting those bleak, disappointing read receipts on a regular basis rather than just one or two times, then you should start asking whether you might be the problem, rather than the recipient of your messages. Is there a chance that your texts might just be… a bit too boring? If they don’t want to respond to your messages, they don’t have to. So you need to be fun and interesting to encourage them to be more likely to keep up their side of the conversation rather than just messaging someone else more fun!

They’re not actually very interested in you

Have a look at your messaging history with your crush. Is it a bit of a one way conversation? Are you sending far longer text pieces than they are, and only getting short response messages by way of replies? Then you might not have the same level of interest in this relationship.

They’ve got other priorities

A reason that you might be getting left on read, your text languishing in their inbox, could be simply that you are not the top priority for the person in question. And that’s fine, sometimes people are busy.

However, there might be another person on the scene that matters more to this person, which could well lead to you getting left on read. It can be hard to determine what’s going on here, but if you keep on being left on read by the same person, then it might be time to move on.

They got nervous

A lot of people, girls and guys alike, have issues with commitment and things getting serious. There’s often a link between sending them too many text messages, getting too intense, and getting left on read in response as they freak out and run away.

One of the biggest questions about being stuck with read receipts is whether both partners have the same investment, or one is much more into this than the other. These things matter, and you need to try to match the enthusiasm of your partner in your phone messaging.

You said something that upset them

Sometimes, a message that seemed fine on your end can read very differently to someone else. Everyone has done it at least once: you think you’ve said something clever and funny, but you’ve touched a nerve and now they’re feeling awful. That happens, and it’s an easy mistake to make.

Causing someone else pain is never fun, but what you have to do is work out what you did wrong and apologise for it immediately. Your top focus needs to be apologising as a matter of course without having to be asked to do so.

A bad first date

If you’ve just been on a date with someone you like, but now you’re being left on read, then some version of the following is likely: a bad date.

It’s just a fact that a date can change how someone sees you. You might be a great sender of texts, but if you’re no fun over dinner then they won’t want to continue things. When that happens, you just have to accept it and move on, and that’s ok. You’re not going to be able to get on perfectly with everyone!


If you’re not getting left on read by anyone at all, then: congratulations! You might be the only person in the world in that situation. Most people find themselves left on read at some point, and there’s nothing worse than that. The ideas listed above are just some of the most common reasons why your text might be read but not replied to, and there are many other possible reasons. Take it slowly, and think carefully about your text messages and why they might be being read with no response.

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