We’ve all been there before, you’ve seen a girl that drives you crazy and you want to make a move but you’re not sure how she feels about you. Or hell, you’re not even sure if she knows you exist! The dating game is complicated enough without having to guess how a girl feels about you, but luckily there are some ways that you can get a girl to like you.

It might seem like a magic trick, but just a few simple tips can help you get the girl of your dreams. Now, of course, you can’t force someone to like you but there are some things that guys can do to get a girl to notice him and that can turn into a sexual interest which we are talking about in this article.

This isn’t going to be a fast process though, so you will need to put some work in to get your girl interested in you. But if you’re thinking about dating her and can’t stop, then we’d imagine she’s pretty special so it’s going to be worth it. There are several steps to this process, and the first one is getting her to notice you in the first place. Once you have her attention, you need to work on your chat game so you can have memorable conversations with her and turn her on before popping the big dating question.

The rest, they say, is history.

How To Get A Girl To Like You

With this article and tips, it will be difficult for the girl you’re interested in to not notice you. Then once she has noticed you, you have an opening to use some of your moves and get her turned on. The first part of the process of getting a girl to like you is getting her to notice you.

Step 1) Get Her To Notice You

The first step to getting someone to like you is to get them to notice you. Because if a woman doesn’t even know you exist, then she will never pay you the time of day when it comes to trying to pick her up.

The trouble with getting a girl to notice you are the competition. Girls are often chatted up by loads of men, so you need to have something unique about you that will help you stand out and make you seem, unlike any other guy she has met. You need to think of something that will pique her interest and get her to notice you on her own accord because then she’ll be more open to having a conversation and perhaps taking it further if she finds you attractive.

Dating experts claim that every man needs to work on his USP (unique selling point) to get the eyes of the girl he wants. Your USP will make you stand out from the crowd and make a girl notice you.

The first thing that any woman will judge guys on is their appearance. This is just human nature and there’s nothing you can do to stop it, so you might as well cash in on it while you can. Now, we’re not recommending you to change your look and go for something extreme like a bright green mohawk hairstyle, unless that’s something you and your girl are into, but taking care of your appearance can go a long way.

Looking after yourself and making sure you look good can improve your self-esteem, which naturally makes you look better anyway. Women love a confident guy and it is very obvious to see whether someone has it or not. So no matter what kind of style you go for, make sure it is something that makes you feel good and look good because that’s how you’ll get noticed by a woman.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed about how to make a girl like you, there are some things you can do to improve your appearance without going under the knife or paying a fortune in designer gear. According to researchers, women notice the smaller details and that is what matters most to them. So, some of the best secrets to a good appearance are pretty basic but can make such a difference.

We are going to list what you can do in this article to get a woman to notice you.

How To Improve Your Appearance For Women

1) Good Hygiene

Now, you might think that you already have good standards of hygiene but women always have higher. Some things should go without saying, such as showering at least once a day, brushing your teeth, and flossing, but other details can make such a difference when you’re trying to get a girl to notice you. Take care of your hair, and that includes any facial hair, and generally improve your standards of personal grooming.

You might want to start spending a little longer in front of the bathroom mirror and keep a good supply of body soap in there when you’re trying to get a girl to notice you, but it’ll work in your favor.

2) Upgrade Your Style

This is why getting a girl to notice you can take some time, but it will be worth it to get the woman of your dreams. Women like a guy that can protect them, hold them in their big arms, and make them feel safe. It’s just part of human nature, so women are going to be looking for men that can provide this for them.

To get a woman to notice you and see you as a potential date, then you might need to hit the gym or go on some kind of fat-burning diet. While you’re working on your body, you will also want to work on your style too. Look through your closet and see what kind of clothing you wear daily. It’s time to become a man and get rid of those tacky slogan shirts and instead go for form-fitting, open-neck shirts that can be very sensual and give off the right impression to your girl.

Dark colors are a good place to start as they give off a mysterious look and they can also accentuate your new figure, making it hard for your girl to not notice you!

3) Confidence Is Key

We’ve already mentioned it, but with this new look of yours, any guy should be feeling amazing. Confidence is the key to getting anyone to notice you and it is something women always look for in a guy. However, confident guys are very different from guys who are cocky or arrogant which are massive turn-offs for anyone, especially girls.

It looks like not being a pushover, but being secure enough in yourself to take part in self-deprecating humor. It looks like being bold enough to make the first move, but not being a dick if you get rejected or things don’t work out your way. As a confident guy, you will make the girl you’re interested in feel like she’s the only one for you while also being able to deal well with any kind of rejection.

Work on your posture and body language, ensuring that you look open which can show a person has high self-esteem.

4) Have Interesting Hobbies

Of course, your physical appearance is important but it will only get you so far with a woman. You need to be able to have something to talk about and you want to come across as a man that has his life together. When you have an interesting hobby or passion, whether that is a sport, an art, or an activity, you will never run out of things to say to your woman.

Women also like a man that has goals and a vision for his life, as it shows he isn’t a slob so start working on your passion now. Remember your USP we mentioned before, so your hobby can be as niche as you are as this will pique her interest instantly and get her interested in talking to you and then hopefully more.

Working on yourself both physically and mentally will work wonders for the way all women see you, but it should work in getting noticed by the one girl that matters. You will also be feeling much better about yourself and therefore more excited and willing to get out there.

5) Be Genuine

Women can see straight through a man who is faking it, so make sure that you actually mean everything you say when you’re talking to your girl. Remember to remain positive, as no one wants to even be friends with a Debby Downer let alone become something more, but don’t fake it.

Be honest when you can and make sure that you are listening to what she says, as women notice this and it can turn them off instantly. How many times have you lied to get a girl to like you? These kinds of tricks never work, which is why we aren’t including them in this article. This means that if she says she loves horses, don’t say that you do too unless you actually do. Even if she doesn’t catch you out yet, something will slip when you start dating and it can ruin everything you’ve worked for.

Being secure in yourself will make it easier to be genuine and positive. Make sure you stand up for what you believe in and express your interests, but also have the time to listen to what she wants too. Being true to yourself will mean that the right people become interested in you and you won’t have to change too much about yourself to get girls to like you.

Step 2) Build A Connection

Now that you have a girl’s attention, it’s time to start working on the connection between you. This means unlocking your charm, working on your behavior, and thinking about the words you are going to use on her to get her to like you.

When you’re head over heels for a girl, it can be hard to find your voice which has resulted in so many embarrassing moments for guys all over the world. But we are going to show you the way you should talk to your girl to get her interested and start connecting with her on a deeper level. While she might be interested in you because of the way you look, the way to stay out of the friend zone and starting a relationship with someone is in what you say.

You need to make it obvious from the very beginning that you are interested in your girl. Even if you are friends, make sure that what you say and the conversations you have with her are flirtatious and based on getting something more out of the relationship so you both know where you stand.

Friends can become lovers if they act quick enough, as girls haven’t yet had the chance to pin you as just as a mate or even worse ‘like a brother to her’ so make sure you start working on the things you want to say to her as soon as possible. And we are going to help you with that now.

1) Short And Sweet Opening

To start talking to the girl you’re interested in, keep it simple and short. The problem with pick-up lines that guys use is they’re overused, girls can see right through them and they also tend to be too long. You don’t want to bore the woman before you’ve even had a chance to get to know each other, so strike up a conversation with her using something short and sweet.

A simple ‘hey, how’s it going’ or an introduction can work wonders and doesn’t give off the vibe that you’re a creep, which is an instant turn-off for all women. When it comes to getting a girl to like you, you want to work on the questions you ask her and your body language so don’t waste time thinking of some witty opening line that could flop anyway. Keep things simple and straight to the point so you can put your effort in at the times that matter.

2) Pay Attention

There is nothing worse than talking to someone who isn’t listening, so don’t be that guy when talking to girls you are interested in and stay present. It might be tempting to think about everything you want to do with her when you’re together, but you’re not at that stage yet so don’t ruin your chances by not being present with her.

Listening to what the girl has to say makes it easy to keep the chat flowing. While you might have worked out a list of questions you want to ask her to get to know each other better, stay in the moment and work with what you’ve been given for now. Girls are much more emotional than guys and they want to be with someone who will listen to them and support them through everything, and you can show her that this is the kind of boyfriend you’ll be in the very first talk you have.

Respond appropriately to what she says and make sure to reference what she is talking about to show her that you have been listening carefully. This is also time to work on your behavior and make sure that you’re body language is open and inviting, rather than hunched over and bored.

3) Maintain Eye Contact

As well as listening and responding to what she has to say, another way to show her that she has your full attention is to maintain eye contact. There is a trick to eye contact, as you don’t want to come across as creepy but you do want to show dominance and confidence.

You should angle your body so you’re facing her when she talks and look at her face as she talks to you. This can work even if you are talking in a group, as angling yourself to be focused on just her will show how interested you are in what she has to say.

Looking away, glancing across the room or at other people as she speaks will give off the impression that you’re not interested in what she has to say, so she’ll no longer be interested in you. After all, women want a guy they can talk to so show her that this is who you are.

Lingering eye contact can also be one of the best ways to turn her on and see whether she is interested. If she holds your gaze, let her be the first person to break away to show her your dominance and how interested you are in her.

4) Be Funny

There is a lot of research to suggest that women love a guy who can make them laugh, so try to get in some funny comments or one-liners into the conversation to get her to like you. Don’t force the humor or be too crude with this one, especially if this is your first conversation because that will turn her off and can become very awkward.

But by listening attentively and paying attention to what is happening at the moment, you should be able to find some openers for funny comments. Use the source of what you’re talking about for your humor, as this will show that you’ve been listening and are paying attention. Using the source of your chats can also show her that you’re just naturally funny as you can work with anything.

We all like a person who can make us laugh, but no one likes the wise guy who tries to overtake the conversation with his jokes so make sure to get the balance right and be secure in yourself. The key to landing a good joke is always in the delivery, so be confident and bold when you try to make her laugh.

5) Find Common Interests

This is the part of the conversation that you can bring up the thing you’ve been working on, whether it is your hobby or passion. Ask her what she’s interested in and what she does in her spare time to see whether you have things in common. The information you get from her now can be useful in your relationship and it can also help you decide whether the girl is your type after all.

Research has shown that people tend to be attracted to members of the opposite sex who are similar to themselves (source: Similarity-Attraction Effect) in terms of common interests and core values. While it can sometimes be true that opposites attract, there is usually some common ground between a man and women who are in a relationship together otherwise they wouldn’t pass the friends stage.

It is easier to be friends with someone you don’t fully agree with than it is to be in a relationship with, so take this time to ask questions about what she’s into and see whether you agree with each other. We all have a different perspective of life, especially men and women, but there is going to be something that you both have in common and that is your strength so don’t give up too soon.

Even if the only thing you have in common so far is your favorite football team or weird family members, make this the main source of your chats so she can see you as someone she wants to be with. Depending on how well you know each other at this point, you can have deeper chats about her views on life to see whether it is made in the stars for you to be together.

6) Flirt With Her

Research shows that there is a period for a friendship between guys and girls to become a relationship so you need to make your intentions clear fast. You don’t want to put all of this effort in to end up becoming her best friend!

One of the best ways to tell a girl you like her and move your relationship on from being just friends is by flirting with her. Compliment the girl on her appearance, her personality, and her attitude to make it clear that you like everything about her. Touching her on the arm or wrapping your arm around her can be another way to tell her you’re interested, as physical contact can be very sensual and gets you both thinking about the sexual chemistry between you according to research.

These things will only work if they come from a man who is bold and self-assured, otherwise, it can seem strange and creepy. Guys need to be self-assured and bold when flirting with a girl to let her know what they want from the relationship. Look her directly in the face and linger your eyes over key areas such as her lips.

Some subtle changes in her behavior will show you whether she is interested, so you can keep going or whether she doesn’t see you that way in which case you can move on to another girl who is your type.

Enjoy Your Success!

Once you have her attention and she has made it clear that she is interested, it’s time to pop the question. Most women want the guy to make the first move, so make sure you’re the one who gets in their first to ask her out on a date.

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